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Anyone seeing my despair at this point - how maybe I might be among a lot of powerful women simply looking after one of their own ?

In Feb 2010 the lawyers told me the house is to be sold - something I wanted done in 2007, it    was sold about 20% under market, again the family loses.

At that time I believe I have spent roughly $200,000 in legal fee's trying to keep my children safe. I tell my lawyer I have no place to live and no money - she tells me not to worry to sell the house.

The house is sold, the possession date is set to coincide with the children's last day of school, the next 3 months I bounce between my bank and lawyer accumulating thousands in legal fee's, I tell my lawyer I need a letter to secure a loan on another house.

This goes on until there is only 4 weeks till me and the children have to vacate the home.  JEP's lawyer says she is going out of town - that her client has not seen the sale agreement so will get back to us in a couple of weeks,  meanwhile JEP is writing me she has read the settlement and wants more $.

So , me and the children end up homeless again, I do get a letter from the lawyers with only days left - i quickly buy a house in the community but cant align the dates so I take the children and family pets camping in a tent while we wait for money to transfer and the new home to become available.

I end up having to pay the taxes on the $23,000 JEP stole,  my lawyer is fighting for JEP to GET spousal , that's right my lawyer is trying to convince me spousal versus the $35,000 in child support JEP owes is a wash, I educate my lawyer I put JEP through school 3 times, so then my lawyer tells me I can get another $10,000 but it will cost $20,00 to get it.

The end result, I got more $ than JEP but I had all the debt,  I also paid my lawyer $16,000 for the divorce - we did all the documents, so I ended up over $10,000 in debt, so it was a 70/30 split in favor of JEP.

 BUT ... what's worse is the truth started to leak out of my children ...