June 2012 [ Jones wrote ] " I agree with you regarding the mistreatment of men especially fathers in the Canadian Legal System weather it be Provincial or Federal... I spent all my money fighting just to get visitation .. I have slept in my car, most time I camped in Bush, claimed I was a hiker.. I have totally lost faith in the legal system. Now after 15 years my daughters have moved in with me.. the only thing I lived was for my kids, now they are going to Universities and I doing fine. The justice System Never helped me it was my Faith in God, I cried almost every night to give my daughters the happiness they will take hundreds of years to change this Screwed up system and the Lawyers too are Greedy and will only take your case if you got money.. Good Luck to you all -- you have my sympathies.. God Bless You all. "

May 2011 [JM wrote (edited/shortened)  ] " before marrying now ex-wife she had twins from previous man whom was paying child support, she started sleeping around a few years into marriage so JM left, she then went after JM for child support too trying to get both men to pay ..."     See JM's whole testimony posted on this site here

May 2011 [Anonymous wrote (edited/shortened) ] " the entire system is designed by government, lawyers and women to take your entire life's hard work and steal it from you while the lawyers leave you in the poor house and destroy your relationship with your kids. "

May 2011 [NBCB wrote] "Mother of my children died, and her family gets priority with the
children over me every time we go to court. "

May 2011 [MC wrote (edited/shortened)  ] " this is a case of discrimination if there was ever one, and how he too was discriminated against, how he did get custody of one child but
the mother through the courts STOPPED him from seeing his son, and he has missed his entire's son's life. discrimination !! "

Feb 2011 [DW Edmonton] wrote " Scary !"

Feb 2011 [S wrote ( edited/shortened ) ] " This is not about divorce, this is about YOU doing NOTHING for at least 7 months as your 3 children got assaulted daily"

Feb 2011 [M wrote (edited/shortened) ] " I don't know man, you got shafted by the court but your children were left with nobody by the sounds of it. "

Feb 2011 [ H wrote (edited)/shortened ] " this reminded me of a book i read, "A Child Called It" by David Pelzer. David grew up being heavily abused by his own mother. his father could not do anything about it, he tried but nothing came of it. it happened in the early 1970's though. amazing that something like this could happen today. "

Feb 2011 [ M2 wrote ]  '  just to make you (sic) proud to be a the movie "Dear Zachary" '