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In August 2010 the mother took the children on a 2 week holiday, upon return my oldest daughter would not speak to me , she literally sneered at me in disgust.

I asked my daughter what was going on and she told me she wanted to go live with her mother. I let her pack her bags and handed her over.

I had taken my daughters to their court ordered therapist and at the end of my youngest session she came out of the therapists room and said 'Dad, I have lived with you for 3 years I should live with mom for 3 years'

In fact my children had been saying things for several months now, like "mom's a girl and were girls, girls are suppose to live together" , and "dad, mom's look after children not dad's, why are we with you".

It finally hit me - I sat my youngest 2 children down and asked them about their therapists sessions, they told me "she made me feel sorry for mom" , "she showed me that mom suffered", "mom's are suppose to look after us cause she's like us a girl".

You see what they did ? , they did a form of parental alienation - against the father , it was court ordered , what they did is called discrimination , what's worse is everyone knew what they were doing .... everyone but me.