This is a true storey. 

"WhereTheyLie" refers to Canadian Court rooms where certain Lawyers, Therapists and yes Judges too among others work together to implement a "mothers only" agenda against fathers.

If you are less than 18 years of age do not read this storey - its not for you.

This testimony is of a father (me) in Canada in the year 2011, my spouse abused me and brutally abused my 3 children, we fled and I am now left with debt and limited access to my children.

I was going to name this storey "6 chances", half way through my ordeal described on these pages I discovered a man (father) sitting in the office next to me had already gone through the Canadian Court system, during his ordeal he had to live in a camper truck in his friends driveway, the mother had the children and home , his oldest child ran away from the abusive mother at least 6 times - 6 times - that's not a typo, police would come to his (now duplex) home and handcuff him and return the child to their mother.

I have been asked for more details on JL's situation, because the discrimination in his testimony's is so thick you could cut it with a butter knife, so I have edited this page with just that , details.

The City of Calgary police weary of returning the child and actually took the time to visit the lady Judge because they were tired of being a 'taxi' service for run away children.

In the months following during court proceedings a specialist (Dr. B.N.) testified that the mother was unfit , presenting  a 20+ page report to support these views.

JL's wife in a Federal Court session threw a chair into the gallery and actually physically knocked JL to the ground and then chased him around the court room ... the Judge for her own safety vacated the room. 

At the request of JL's wife the lady Judge stepped down, the next Judge (a man) granted JL 2 of his 3 children. The Judge would still not grant the father custody of his only daughter. 

JL knows he beat the odd's in Canada, and on the way home to his modest duplex still drives by the expensive home his wife lives in that he contributed years of his life into paying for.

Well enough about JL , his strength encouraged me many times - thank you JL .


Though society in Canada is fed specific stories of fathers being treated fairly such is not the case, fathers are seldom given custody of children even in the year 2011, often only in situations were the mother is incapacitated in some way are fathers treated with any dignity.

If you google enough you'll find some freaky stories in Canada in 2011, like an unwed mother in Saskatoon giving a child up for adoption and the biological father trying to adopt the children being denied. You see its its not about the child, its better for the mother to give the child away else she is liable to pay child support.

Its my position that men in Canada are the slaves of the 21st century, if their spouse grows tired of them or has a mental disorder men have less than 5% chance of being treated fairly with custody in the court. Its a global epidemic, in Hungary 1 out of 3 homeless men situation is attributed to Hungary's family law system which is a 'cash cow' for mothers - look it up on wikipedia.

In my case we lived in one of the most prestigious neighborhoods in Calgary, the prime minister of Canada Steven Harper only lived 12 houses down, my spouse spent more money on credit cards in a year than my brother had total , she drove new cars, went out drinking and partying with her friends and had sex out side the relationship, and she decided to punish us for what her mother did to her.

I believe only women them selves can change this system, today's mothers of boys and young men who have read these pages are appalled at what the future might bring for their sons.

If you just want the high lights of this storey before you decide if you want to spend the 20 minutes to read these pages then click the SUMMARY link above and read the challenges fathers and their children face in Canada in the year 2011. 

If you've been following this storey then jump to the start of court session April 5th 2011 where the lady Judge lets the abusive mother off yet again or February 2013  where my daughter runs away from her mother.