I have been anonymously threatened to shut this site down, reasoning seems to be it discriminates against women. I disagree. This site is for men, to help them understand and cope with what they are up against. More than once during my ordeal I was brought to the brink of financial collapse, I threw all my resources into trying too keep my children safe, if i had lost my job (for example) or became ill I would have collapsed and today be labled 'dead beat dad'. Fathers need to understand the odds against them and not to spend every dime they have trying to get fair access to their children. I dont believe in 'dead beat dads', I believe they are being manufactured by a system that is out of control. The damage goes far beyond the final court decision, I am an engineer with not one but two post secondary graduate with honors diplomas yet I will not be able to send my children to college foolishly lining the pockets of lawyers to the tune of several porche cars. Today, i have 12% access, if my oldest visits she stays in bed in her room all day, she has previously run away from her mother for over a year, my youngest sits in the living room and pulls a blanket over her head, i am told this is "normal" behaviour at moms house, they display chararistics of their mother like hatred towards certain ethnic groups which i do not tolerate, and OCD issues like volume on devices (tv, ipod) must be even numbers and so on, my oldest says things like if she has a child she will throw it against the wall. If i had remained quiet, if my children and I had endured the violence I am not certain they would be in a worse situation today, I know I would be gone. Thing is I didnt remain quiet, these web pages tells my true story of a fathers journey through 'domestic violence' in Canada, a testimony that 'Family Law' is broken.