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I am also taking my children to the therapist, she has changed her attitude from our initial encounter, I tell her the mother continues to threaten me and that she is Disney parenting splashing cash at the children.

At Easter weekend the children and I hide Easter egg's and had a hunt, JEP gave the children $150.

The children tell me that their mother is living with someone and he gives them money too.

So, I am broke paying JEP's debt and she is spending cash on Disney stuff for the kids. My lawyers continue to hold me tight - I can not get the message to the Judge what they are doing to me.

I am fearful and suspect my lawyer #4 now is not representing me ,  I am aware lawyers are exchanging information long ago now and now with closed court the lawyers have incredible power - they become the judge cause there is nothing keeping them in check , they can decide to withhold information when behind closed doors - there is no court clerk recording what is said.

In Feb 2010 I am ordered to give the children's therapist a list of the rules in our home, like bedtimes,  TV and internet access - everything about their daily routines.

The "Judge" also tells JEP's lawyer to give her the message "IT WONT BE LONG NOW".

What won't be long ? , what is she talking about - I don't understand - what does that message mean ?  My lawyer simply doesn't answer the question and shrugs it off as nothing worth worrying about.

I meet with the therapist and gave her the list,  its purpose and what actually occurs are two different things , the therapist gave JEP the list - 730pm bedtime for my 6 year old became 10pm,  rated G non violent TV became 'watch what ever you want' so my daughters would have night mares about crashing air planes,  limited internet became ' surf till you hit the end ' .

It was a trick - they gave the mother tools , I complained to the therapist and she started to get p1st at me, I told her she was suppose to help or was this a factory that generated dead beat dad's and she lost it - she told me " A MOTHER HAS A RIGHT TO BE WITH HER CHILDREN, AND GIRLS ESPECIALLY SHOULD BE WITH THEIR MOTHER ".