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I mean really,  anyone ever heard of a mother with 3 children carrying the father's debt , receiving no child support from him who has +$12,000 sitting in his bank account. It doesn't happen !

My lawyer #3 has said things ( in reference to JEP ) such as 'that poor women' and so I have moved on to lawyer #4.

Lawyer #4 tells me I will be discriminated against, and that I am lucky we have this Judge cause she is the cheapest on handing out spousal and child support.  I don't know what to think of all this, and why do I care about spousal support as I put JEP through school 3 times and paid her $20,000 in 2007/8 - and I am receiving 0 in child support.

Lawyer #4 was really telling me how screwed I was , I just didn't know it yet.

 Time to introduce yet another tool , JEP never went to court , I am telling my lawyers that JEP's lawyer is either working for free or a friend, the tool however is the lawyers meeting in the Judges chambers.

I told my lawyer I want open court, that closed court in judges chambers is dangerous - that JEP's lawyer is possibly a friend and I will be locked out.

Regardless, the lawyers  ( children's, JEP and mine ) meet with the Judge in chambers, I am locked out. I am given all kinds of excuses by my lawyer, like "oh, JEP's lawyer forgot to tell her so its not fair your there and she is not".

This don't smell good either , I show up and walk to the court house with my lawyer and I am left sitting in the waiting room .