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I am told the therapist's purpose is to work on integration issues between the two homes.

JEP already has what I refer to as the standard father access ,  millions of fathers in Canada can tell you its every second weekend plus a night on the week that's not your weekend.  JEP had more access at this point then I do now.

The judge also awards the mother every weekend access, that means JEP has them every weekend, I only have them during school days.

It seems the children's services report really p1ssed these women off - the children stated they liked living with their dad and now this judge is literally tearing everything down - as if to say 'that just is not going to happen'.

I meet with the therapist and I am confronted with a women who is aggressive and accusing, she tells me that she works for JEP and that anything I say she will give to the judge, I tell her she was hired by CLERC and work for the children.  I also become aware that JEP's lawyer has been in contact with this therapist and now the line is blurred as to whom this therapist works for.

I leave the office and call my lawyer asking her WTF is going on ? ,  my lawyer is docile but says she will get to the bottom of this. 

I am also asking my lawyer why for the last 3 years is every order "INTERM" with a 4 to 6 week duration, the mother had eventually stopped filing bogus affidavit's and the judge now was asking for a follow-up court session - what are they waiting for - why am I in a holding pattern and why is everything INTERM ... I got no answers from my lawyer.

I should have smelt the deception on this one ... it was right in front of me

At this time I am in huge debt,  I am paying all JEP's debt plus paying 100% of the children's expenses.  The lawyers have exchanged our disclosures a number of times at a cost to me of about $4000 each time, I am telling my lawyers JEP is living with someone cause certain expenses are missing - like no heat - no cable/internet , and she is paying little to no legal fee's while at times I was billed $7000 in a single month.

I believe the lawyers were funneling money to JEP's lawyer,  my lawyer #3 asked me if I could get money from family ( who are poor ) , at the end of each month all my accounts locked up, I mean no credit cards - cheque account maxed into over draft - my cable or lights or heat getting disconnected.

None of this was ever mentioned in open court, I would anticipate my accounts locking up and take out the last $200 so me and 3 small children could survive for the 7 days it took to get paid, this repeated over and over.

If you don't know what's going on - the above is psychological , my own lawyer wont help me - she says there's are more important things going on ? , this is the psychological warfare I had to endure - much like my friend JL who had to live in his camper , to break my spirit - to give in.