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The Children's Services report says there is no indication of sexual abuse, that the children live living with their father and are ok with seeing their mother.

click here to see childrens statement 'they like living with dad' in report

Now I get my answer too why we see a different Judge every time,  JEP's lawyer takes the Children's report to court and claims I am alienating the children. An that the court needs to appoint the children lawyers - that I am manipulating them , and that under the United Nations they have the right to representation.

The Judge instantly agrees ,  I am transitioning to lawyer #3 now , at this time my previous lawyers have basically told me nothing except that no mother will be separated from their children for more than 3 years.

The children's lawyer appears in fall of 2008, her and the mothers lawyer sit together as a team, the children's lawyer works for CLERC which is an organization in Calgary who promotes themselves as the equalizer - working soling the in the best interests of their clients - children.

In 2007 Children's Services gave me a piece of paper I was the children's father and could act on their behalf, when CLERC was appointed I ceased being in control of my children.

CLERC and JEP's lawyer motioned a "Case Management" Judge needs to be appointed, they had a list already prepared and that's where I encountered my friend JL's Judge - you remember - 6 chances.

Just like in a small town you know peoples behaviors, and just like in a office you know peoples work habits lawyers know which way judges lean - and I got a lawyer that was truly children with mother.

While this is unfolding JEP is threatening people in the community helping me with the children, you know - people just doing things for the kids like having them over for play dates and I could go get a hair cut.  One lady JEP phoned twice - telling her she would call her husband and tell him she was having an affair with me.  This lady totally withdrew and her the friendship her daughter and mine had was destroyed - who was JEP hurting with her behavior ? , what's worse is again JEP is never held accountable for her actions ... she's untouchable as the legal system comes to her rescue.

CLERC motions the court along with JEP's lawyers motion that the children be court ordered to attend a specific therapist ,  I urge my lawyer to intervene because I have already seen 3 therapists on JEP's payroll ...  however the Judge sides with CLERC.