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JEP's first position in August 2007 was she had nothing bad to say about me -  there was still a chance for peace and healing for this family and for JEP to get the help she needed, but once the children opened up about what their mother did JEP and her lawyers targeted me.

JEP and her lawyers then came up with the storey that she was a financial victim in our home, you know - no money - tied to the stove.  That's what the judge heard.

However, because of the report stating what the children said the court put JEP under supervision, and Children's services endorsed it.  This means JEP could not be alone with the children, since JEP said she wanted them/us dead I didn't really see this as a punishment.

JEP then drained our family business account of $23,000 and our personal accounts driving them into overdraft - I continued to give her $900 every 2 weeks for the next year until I started to collapse under the debt , you see I was left with all the credit card debt of some $30,000 , that and having to pay 100% of childcare - health - vision ...

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I'll stop here and look at the playing field , I have no $cash , JEP is writing me daily that she will inflict pain on me , I am left with huge debt , JEP is working but doesn't pay a dime in child support nor will she.   DEAD BEAT mom I believe is the term.

What the judge never heard was any of the above, in fact I countered her 'financially abused' claim by collecting a garbage bag of JEP's receipts ( ATM, credit cards, cheque's ) that in the year prior to us fleeing totaled over $30,000.

The interesting thing about me giving 'MY' lawyer the receipts is that it was never mentioned in court,  but JEP soon changed her storey to one of me abusing her ... that's when I started to become aware that the lawyers were communicating and JEP drifted from one position to another.

What the judge never heard was that I collected all JEP's receipts in the home from credit cards, cheque's and ATM , JEP spent over $30,000 in the year prior to me and the children fleeing ... I put a garbage bag full of them on my lawyers desk.

The judge never heard about the receipts, interesting enough JEP soon changed her storey - to one of me abusing her , now to me any sane person could conclude someone was a liar if they say something happened over and over then suddenly change their storey ...

In Feb 2008 JEP and her legal team hired shrink #3 , the first two shrinks JEP hired whom me nor the children never met wrote memo's that JEP was financially or otherwise abused by me, that I was a villain, basically whatever JEP told them they wrote in a memo then JEP attached it to affidavits.

You see, lawyers offices have therapists they throw work too, its a win win relationship - you get work and you give me what I want, otherwise I'll take my work else where, even my lawyers eluded they could get what they wanted if required ($$).

At this time I am struggling with what appears to be a system where truth has absolutely no value, and though I am paying thousands of dollars in legal fee's a month I do not trust my own lawyers.

 Introduction of another tool at this I think is mandatory - we never see the same judge twice , that's right - by Feb 2008 I believe I have seen at least 8 or more judges, JEP and her legal team works the system changing her storey while I am asking my lawyer why we see a different judge every time ?, its like roulette and my children's safety is at stake - I get no answer.

JEP's shrink #3 does met with me and the children,  she's a student therapist, and as it turns out she has also been treating JEP for 8 months so they have a relationship , she writes a 15 page report ... JEP's lawyer rushes to court with it - my lawyer scrambles to get to court , I am faxed their motion ... the report ends ambiguously with the last character on the last page a colon :  , its cleverly written so it could be interpreted two ways - JEP is rehabilitated - or JEP will be rehabilitated if she completes a page full of courses ... that right,  page 16 was not filed ... it was filled with courses like anger management etc.


Ponder this for just a moment ,  lawyers behaving in this manner to get their violent client off.  

Spread the word - reporting abuse in Canada - it sure starting to smell like a money making business initiative by lawyers to me.

What's worse is my lawyer wont bring their lawyers behavior up to any of the judges ,  I am starting to learn that my lawyers are simply docile, they hold me tight while JEP and her team of lawyers take me to court time and time again.

One adversarial lawyer keeps both lawyers billing ... constantly ... my lawyers are totally content technically doing nothing and I am now fearing the JEP is going to roll a 7 with one of these Judges.