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I contact Children's Services emergency #, they tell me the investigator has an open file but there is no content entered they can act on, so there is nothing they can do.

The following morning my children are apprehended by Children's Services, I am told they can not be released to me because I am homeless, they are placed in foster homes.  For the next week my children are interviewed daily by investigators.

click here to view apprehenstion order due to phyiscal abuse

The mother is saying she did nothing,  the children are telling a different storey.  The mother would continue to lie for 3 years ...

Lets pause for a moment and examine what's occurred here ,  I am homeless , small innocent children are in foster homes separated from me and my oldest two children are also separated from their 3 year old sister.

The only person NOT suffering at this point is our abuser ...

I must have heard the term 'in the best interests of the children' 1000 times in my case, above is a clear indication of what that is,  mother is #1 , children #2 and father and family pets are #3.  I learned every time I heard that term I was about to get screwed and my children at times too.

For the next three years the mother (JEP) simply denied it, never happened, I made it all up.

At this point we should look at some tools in Canada's Family Court system , tools that I saw used in my case to assist the court to execute their ' best interests of the children ' philosophy

a) there is no such thing as perjury in Family Court

Say what ? ,  that's right - you can lie all you want , "its not true" - " I didn't do it " , this causes 'conflict' which translates directly in lawyers billable hours, if a court routinely discriminates then its also extremely powerful because it puts you on par with the other party - you say they did and they say they didn't.

b) its a 'no fault' system

Say what ? , that's right - so if your beaten the court says your equal no matter what the other party did.

I see the above two items as tools, in my case the mother was instantly as credible as I in court - that is if the court does discriminate against one sex over the other when children are involved then these tools are a good start.  I should mention JEP never actually went to court and I'll explain more why later.