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With JEP's whereabouts unknown my lawyer instructed me to return home, so 8 days after fleeing we did.

 In the house for am hour or so the phone rang, someone said hello and then hung up. It was getting close to 5pm ... and


Several police cars squealed up in front of the house, 2 very large police officers came to the door and told me to sit , then another car arrived and the mother was escorted into the house smiling ear to ear.

They let her come in to watch ... the well informed mother got herself a 600/hr lawyer whom filed in Federal Court an order giving JEP the house, car, all moneys and the children. See , my EPO which is based on physically protecting us was a provincial document and JEP's order was a Federal order which superseded mine.

The policed escorted me outside pushing me, they stood in between me and my car and told me to "grow up" and to not be "so childish reporting abuse".  Pretty sure they were looking for someone to beat on.

See my lawyer didn't help with this, nor did the investigator - they work with these forms every day and couldn't for see I would easily be out trumped by a flimsy court order for $money$.

See it was planned,  the time I mentioned is important as many men since have told me the police usually come late so you cant get council or in front of a judge, and often when possible its friday's so you sometimes get to spend the weekend in jail if you mouth them or resist.

Anyone starting to get the picture ...