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The following night as the abuse continued I asked the children if they wanted to go on a hiking and fishing trip for the day tomorrow, that we would take out dog too.

They were excited ... we left in the morning while JEP slept , I did take them hiking but we didn't return home that night.  We were on the run now ............

I called children's services and was assigned an investigator, I brought the children too them, whom interviewed them. The investigator told me the children were showing signs of extreme abuse and that I should get a lawyer.

In the following days I got a lawyer out of phone book ( mistake ) and we moved from hotel to motel room,  I was told to go to the court house and get and emergency protection order ( EPO ) which was like a restraining order against JEP - I did.  It turned out to be 100% useless - but the interesting point is that the children's services investigator had me wait and wait until a particular judge would see us.

I later determined we waited cause the investigator wanted a Judge they were sure would grant it,  we finally stood in front of a man judge who was convinced it was needed and granted it.

The police tried to serve JEP with the order by she was able to avoid them ... cause it turns out a lady in the court actually courier a copy of the EPO home - addressed to me with papers about abuse , I found it later behind the clothes basket,  JEP knew everything without being served ...