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On one occasion I came home to find my daughter in her room, with the lights off rocking back and forth holding a pillow to her face,  when I asked her what was wrong and reached for the pillow I could see the blood stained pillow, I examined her mouth and then told her I would be right back and I confronted JEP - who simply told me to "GO FVCK MYSELF !"

What was I doing while this was going on ?

I had pleaded with JEP to go for help,  that I would go with her,  see JEP was abused by her mother, brutally, I learned this after our first child was born and the 2nd was on the way, her sister started coming around and they would always regress, seems JEP was pulled up/down the stairs by her mother, that her mother would ram a bar of soap in JEP's throat until she almost blacked out.

Before you feel to much sympathy for JEP consider that before this storey is over I am the one who paid dearly for her mothers ( the children's grandmothers ) sins.

I too was abused by JEP , on one occasion while I slept I awoke falling to the floor while JEP screamed at me to get out of her room, she had kicked and knee'ed me in the back and then challenged me so I had to leave and live in the basement of our home. It wasn't the only attack, one while protecting my middle daughter JEP came at me swinging and backed me up against the window in the upstairs' bed room.

JEP told me she p1ssed her off at the playground, so she politely ended a play date with another mother , drove my daughter home,  took her inside the house and then attacked her knocking my daughter to the floor and ( according to my daughter ) pushed her face into the hard tile.

HOW'S THAT FOR PREMEDITATED ! , that's a planned attack ...

I use to cry on 6th Avenue at night sitting in traffic on the way home from work ,  only knowing my children were there and needed me kept me going.

We lived in one of the best neighborhoods in the city, JEP had money - credit cards - a new car to drive and punished us all for the sins of her own mother.

In Feb to July 2007 I sought out community help lines who first were off center cause I was a man calling told me to call children's services. I sought out a therapist whom 30 minutes into our session stopped me and said "YOU NEED TO CALL 911 - YOU AND YOUR CHILDREN NEED TO GET OUT OF THERE".

Now someone who's never been in a abusive relationship might wonder but those of you who have could possibly understand, in the coming weeks I warned JEP not less than ten times I was going to call 911 if she didn't leave them alone, I struggled finding the strength to protect my children ...

In July 2007 I made a plan, I contacted children's services whom simply didn't return my calls, I found a list of hotels that would take us and the dog, I was afraid no one would believe me so I brought home a tape recorder and turned it on Friday July 13 at 530 pm, for the next 2.5 hours JEP attacked my daughters several times, once ripping a play dress off my 3 year old who only wanted to play, and then attacking two of my daughters while they bathed - snapping them with a towel and hitting them in the head with toys.

I went upstairs' so I could intervene , I had often thrown myself in between JEP and one of my daughters when she slapped them like she was in a drunken brawl , I stood in my oldest daughters bedroom doorway while JEP screamed at my youngest children - only those that have witnessed abuse could understand that while all this was going on my oldest daughter is talking to me about her wallpaper and that she wanted me to help her paint her room a particular color and so on totally oblivious to what was occurring only 10 feet away ...

WHY ? , it occurred to me at that moment cause this was normal to my daughter ...