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This is a true storey. 

I ended up with the same lady judge as JL ... coincidence ?, read this storey and you decide.

I was going to write 100+ pages, I actually typed up most of it then realized the pages might be useful for the movie script , but no one is going to read all that, it took me years to live it and I am sure no one wants to take years and read it , so I will summarize and cut to the chase:

I am a man, a father and I reported "CHILD ABUSE" in Canada , at the time I only lived about 12 houses down from Prime Minister Harpers NW Calgary home - my children use to sell girl guide cookies to his RCMP guards, in the three (3) years following I was left homeless twice, manhandled by police, my children recklessly endangered by lawyers - even put in foster homes , and when I thought things could not get worse I encounter a Judge whom conspired with the mother's lawyers against me and got caught ... but more on that later.

This is how the storey goes, in July 2007 my 3 children were 3, 5 and 8 - all girls. They were brutally attacked daily by their mother whom I will refer to as JEP, for as little as spilling a glass of water, JEP would hit them so hard they would fall off their chair and she would put her foot on their neck while they screamed in pain or sit JEP would sit her 180lb body on them.

JEP would lift up my 3 year old grabbing her sweater and shaking it at chest height until my tiny daughter fell to the floor on her hands and knee's, while JEP called her a disgusting barn animal.

I would come home and be told "You better go check on them, they might be dead" and opening their bedroom door in the dark I would see them scurry in the dark hiding behind furniture not knowing what hell was going to rain down on them if that was mom.

JEP would brag to me what she did , how she taught this or that b*tch a lesson.

This is tame compared to some nights in our home - to hear a few minutes of the 2.5 hour rage and terror we endured Friday Jan 13th 2007 only hours before we fled - hear them scream being hit in the head with toys and snapped with a wet towel and scalding hot water poured on them - click here ...