WhereTheyLie.com      Is dedicated to Fathers TRUE testimony of DISCRIMINATION in Canada   
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"WhereTheyLie" refers to Lawyers/Therapists and yes Judges among others who's agenda is "mothers only" all of whom are working inside a legal system that is sold to the Canadian public and the world as just and fair.

If you've seen movies like 'Evelyn' about father Desmond Doyle in the 1950's who's children were taken from him, though hollywood altered the storey the basis is discrimination ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Desmond_Doyle ) and you might see things have not changed a lot for fathers in 50 years, those discriminating against fathers 'just got smarter'.

Fathers can give their testimony here of how the Canada Legal system discriminated against them, its their way of being heard , your not alone, there are millions of us and we're getting organized.

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JM read In 2004 my then wife to be went after her twins biological father for child support, she was granted  ... 01 2011 06 18
RMC read Contact me to publish your storey today free - just type it up and send me with your contact info and true storey statement 01 Today

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