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In 2004 my then wife to be went after her twins biological father for child support, she was granted the support order as well as 10 years of arrears. A few months later we married, after 3 years of marriage I caught her cheating with another man. I left the marriage and shortly after leaving I was served child support papers for the same twins. When I went to court I told my duty counselor about the existing order she already has against the biological father of the twins but my counsel didn't care or even mention it to the judge, she only was concerned with calculating the amount I should pay.

In 2009 I was able to obtain a copy of the child support order against the biological father of the twins and took her back to court. My assigned duty counsel at that court date was upset that I wanted to go before a judge to make the court aware that my ex-wife already has a child support order against the biological father bit my counsel said she would not go in the courtroom to represent me and the judg3e would be very harsh on me and I should just accept the new agreement that my ex-wife was going to accept. My counsel told me that there is no limit to the number of men that a woman can get child support from for the very same children. My counsel stood shoulder to shoulder with my ex's counsel and they both raised their voices at me to just sign the new agreement outside of the courtroom and move on. I was bullied into not entering the courtroom.

I have wrote to the Minister of Justice, my MP, Mpp as well as several media outlets and have not heard from any of them. I have been treated like a dead beat dad, when in fact the biological father is the dead beat. I have spoke to several different agents at the Family Responsibility office and they have stated they are not aware of anyone having 2 support orders from 2 men for the same children. A Family Court clerk who helped with filing paper work has also stated that in his 20 years at the job he has never heard of such a case and found it very difficult to believe a judge would allow this to happen.

This is a true story and I have the court papers to back it up. I do not have the funds to hire a lawyer to help me with this. This is double dipping at its finest. I have been trying to bring attention to this for 3 years now and have had no luck getting help to stop this double dipping of child support. It is very difficult to get help when you are poor and people that are in a position to help won't because they consider me a dead beat who is trying to get out of paying child support. The fact that she already has an order for child support for the biological father doesn't seem to matter.

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